Sunday, October 9, 2011

Secondary Trip Day 6!

Day 6: Last day of Field Trip in Songpan!

OK, so I just got back from Hong Kong. Super tired and going to bed :) And maybe y'all are tired of reading about this trip by now, so enjoy these pictures from Songpan. Again, I had an AMAZING time! I highly, highly recommend a trip to this area. The pictures are in order and describe our free day about the city... Soon to come: HONG KONG! 
Princess Wencheng Statue 

Muslim Mosque
Songpan has a very diverse culture!

The Old City Wall

Yak Butter
(still untouched in my fridge, don't know what I was thinking)

I snuck a peek of this private garden.

We had a nice cup of tea here.

Too bad I had already eaten or I would have tried the "bowel" noodles.

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