Sunday, August 21, 2011

What lurks in the squatty potty...

Crickets! While not especially frightening, these things look pretty alien. I've found quite a few in my apartment (mostly in my guest bathroom) and have accepted these critters as my new standard cockroach. I'm still using catch-and-release, but I may have to seek other options if this problem persists.

As this is my second post, I should explain the purpose of this blog. This site is for my friends, family, and anyone who cares about my daily life in China. I hope to post a picture and short description every day or every other day to keep everybody updated. I have not enjoyed writing essays since the "How to make a PB&J" incident of 1997, so to keep this manageable, I will only be writing short descriptions and stories. But I do like taking pictures and have no shame when taking hundreds of macro shots. So please enjoy and feel free to post comments and critiques (nothing political please!).

Miss you and tex-mex already!

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