Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was rewarded last week for staying way too late at school with this perfect view of some rather awesome fireworks from my classroom on the fifth floor. It was such a cool show and lasted for quite some time. This is in the middle of the city, and I'm pretty sure the fireworks were exploding on the rooftops of those buildings. The whole event got me very excited about Chinese New Year in January when people supposedly shoot fireworks off of their balconies and such. I can just imagine the streets of Chengdu filled with wonderful fireworks for sale. This may very well be the year Zach or I finally lose a hand, a large patch of hair, and/or an eye- not to discredit my mother, who handed me that flaming bag of fireworks just a few years back, you know she tried.

Sorry for the terrible photo quality. I took these from my classroom window with my iPhone!

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  1. The dances they do with the huge dragon costumes are amazing. Oh, and you get little red packets with money in them for good luck!