Monday, September 5, 2011

You knew an Ella photo was coming!

Seeing all the devastating pictures from friends back home of the wildfires in Bastrop has left me with a feeling of just how far away I really am and maybe a teeny bit homesick. That led to me browsing through some of my photo albums tonight, where I found this one of Ella when I left her at my grandparents. Can't say I don't miss her stinky snuggles.... but my grandparents have been pleased with the backyard varmits she's taken care of, such a freakin' good dawg.

My thoughts are with those affected by the fires in Central Texas. Just unbelievable! It fills my heart with such sadness to hear the stories of my friends' losing their family homes. Please send the rain to Texas!

On the same trip to the grandparents: how does one
transport a your mom's crazy cat without a carrier? In your lap!
Don't EVER try this!!

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