Thursday, September 29, 2011

Secondary Trip Day 2!

Day 2:

After a hearty breakfast of boiled eggs, bread with honey and yak butter tea, we headed to an orphanage for Tibetan children up the road from our homestay. We spent half the day playing games and doing arts and crafts with the kids and the other half gardening and building a walkway through the garden. All of our students were very enthusiastic to be involved, and we ended up having a really rewarding day.

View from the Orphanage

Paper Hats!

The Paper Boat Regatta 

Had to get a little dirty, but we didn't mind!

The Final Product
(I'm so proud of our students!!)
After a LONG and FUN day of work, we had dinner at our homestay host's restaurant in town and went to a Tibetan Dance Show. Anyone who's ever been to a ballet or something similar with me knows how excited I get at these sorts of things (hopefully, you weren't with me at Cats... or even worse Tap Dogs!).  But be warned I may have found my calling, I'm auditioning for the dance troupe as soon as I can!

Tibetan Dance Show Men

The Long Sleeve Dance

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