Friday, November 11, 2011

Emeishan 2: The Monkey Battle Continues

Day 2 was a little slower hike than Day 1. My legs were burning! The only thing that kept me moving at a decent pace were the monkeys following just out of sight. They'd appear around the corner as I stopped to catch my breath and even walked right beside me through parts of the trail. I used the calm approach when dealing with monkeys, as we had quickly discovered that raising a stick to them only excited them more. All of the shopkeepers were armed with slingshots. Hopefully the monkeys don't get their hands on those!

Here are some pics from Day 2:
Zach at the Monastery
Day 2 AM
Which way do we go? UP!
The monastery we stayed at from a distance.
Zach, Glen, and Monkey
A rest at a beautiful red temple.
Almost to the TOP!
Insert picture of summit... oops. well, we didn't actually make it to the top. We ran out of time and wanted to make sure we caught the last bus back to Chengdu (we had school the next day). I don't mind because it means we will just have to go back again someday!! :)

The trip wouldn't have been complete without a terrifying
bus ride back down to the bottom.

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