Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hong Kong, Part Two

After enjoying two days in Hong Kong, we decided to ferry on over to Macau for a day trip and some gamblin'. Over on the west side of the Pearl River Delta, they do things a little different. It was a Portuguese colony and is now a SAR of China, like HK. We spent the day going to a few gardens, historical sites, the history museum (my favorite part), and the old red-light district (Zach's favorite, jk his favorite was the casino). We ended the day with a fancy dinner at the Clube Militar de Macau- a fantastic blend of Portuguese and Macanese cuisine. We didn't win any money (the minimum bets were a little steep for our pockets) but we had a great day!!

Sao Domingo Church
Check out that sweet tile!
Rua da Felicidade
("Happiness Street, or the ol' red light district)
Casino Lisboa and Zach in the dark
We still had a day and a half left in HK, here are some pics to sum it up!

Hong Kong Garden Aviary 
View from the top of the Peak Tram
Modern teapot @ the Museum of Tea Ware, HK 

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