Sunday, November 20, 2011


We finally went and saw what the hype is all about! All those summers spent at the Houston Zoo, I was back to my ol' crazed zoo-child self. It's always exciting to see the real, live beasts up close. Although, pandas are not at all ferocious, I still feared one sitting upon me to crush all my bones and organs. AH!

Fear me, for I shall cuddle you to death! RAWR!
It was a pretty rainy day so all the red pandas were being lazy and sleeping. This was a bit disappointing after all of my hours spent researching YouTube on how fun and playful they're suppose to be. But we did happen to arrive just in time for the "sub-adult" Giant Panda feeding. And a panda NEVER misses a feeding!

This may be the only exercise this beast gets. 

This was the only red panda that was awake.
He has a pretty grumpy look on his face, too!
My hair always does this when it rains...

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