Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hong Kong, Part One

Jessica, Zach, and I visited Hong Kong during the school fall break. It was a nice week away from work and a great opportunity to explore the eastside of China. Very different from life here in the 'du, I stuffed myself with Western food, lazily rode every escalator available, and took total advantage of the touristy markets.

Jessica at the Jade Market
But seriously, they have the longest escalator in the WORLD!  Most of you know that I do not like escalators, but after frequent shoelace assessments and carefully planning to step between the cracks, I did it! I rode the freakin' longest escalator there ever was.

Mid-Levels Escalators
At the top, we walked around the botanical gardens (always a favorite of mine) and scoped out the Peak Tram. The line was two hours long, no bueno. So we decided to go another day and spent the rest of the night at Lan Kwai Fong- the famous bar street on HK Island. I loved the neon signs, which apparently is great lighting for wedding portraits.

So romantic!
7-Eleven taquitos??

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